SPAIN has not ruled out closing down all airports in a bid to control the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to El Mundo, Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska has said the closing of airspace is still on the table while revealing that airport activity is already down 50%.

In a radio interview with La Cope today, Marlaska said the health authority has only recommended the closure of land borders while ports have been practically closed to human traffic.

“We are faced with a dynamic reality, so decisions will be made as things change,” he said.

It comes as the number of cases in Spain has reached just below 10,000.

There are now 9,942 cases across the country and 342 deaths.

Madrid continues to be the epicentre of Spain’s outbreak with 4165 cases and 213 deaths.

It is followed by Catalunya with 1,349 cases (18 killed) and the Basque Country with 630 cases and 23 killed.

Andalucia is the fifth most affected region with 554 cases and seven deaths.

Some 530 have been given the all clear.

CASE COUNT IN SPAIN (9,942 total)

4165 in Madrid (213 dead)
1394 in Cataluña (18 dead)
630 in País Vasco (23 dead)
567 in Castilla-La Mancha (17 dead)
554 in Andalucía (7 dead)
409 in la Comunidad Valenciana (5 dead)
334 in Castilla y León (9 dead)
312 in La Rioja (4 dead)
274 in Navarra(1 dead)
245 in Galicia (2 dead)
177 in Asturias (1 dead)
174 in Aragon (11 dead)
119 in Canarias (1 dead)
111 in Extremadura (2 dead)
77 in Murcia
73 in Baleares (1 dead)
58 in Cantabria
8 in Melilla
1 in Ceuta

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