POLICE throughout Spain have started issuing fines to people who throw their used gloves and face masks on the ground.

The city with the highest fine according to El Mundo is Toledo, with penalties reaching as high as €3,000, as part of the Provincial Ordinance for Street Cleaning and Urban Waste Management.

The second highest fine can be found in Sevilla, with the capital of Andalucia issuing penalties as high as €900, according to El Correo de Andalucia.

Another city in Andalucia with extortionate fines is Cadiz, with citizens being forced to pay up to €750 for not disposing of their gloves and face masks in the correct manner, according to Diario de Cadiz.

The last city that so far has introduced these penalties is Burgos in Castilla y León, where the maximum fine is €600, according to Diario de Burgos.

The Health Ministry has published a set of guidelines on how people can dispose of their gloves and face masks safely and properly.

Once used, they should be placed in a plastic bag and then placed in a bin bag.

That bin bag should then be carried out of the property separately from the rest of the rubbish and be disposed of in the big dumpsters.

Immediately after, the person carrying the bags needs to wash their hands with soap for at least 40 seconds.

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