SPAIN has registered its first coronavirus related death in three days.

According to the Health Ministry, one person has lost their life in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of fatalities nationwide to 27,128.

In addition, the Ministry has also announced that 63 people have lost their lives to the pandemic in the past week, even though that figure yesterday was only 34.

At the same time, the number of new infections has risen for the second day in a row from 137 yesterday, to 219 today.

Madrid continues to be the region with the most cases, with 112, followed by Catalunya with 38.

This brings the total number of COVID-19 infected patients in Spain to 240,326, according to the Health Ministry.

However, yesterday the number of people infected with the virus was 239,932, which means that in the last 24 hours there have been 394 new cases, not 219 that the Ministry is claiming.

As has been happening since last Monday, the Health Ministry reports that the discrepancies in the data are due to the implementation of the new measurement technique they’re using to track new cases and deaths, while waiting for each region to send in their figures.

The Director of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simon: “We’ve had around 28,000 deaths, which represent 60% of the total number of deaths, waiting for the autonomous regions to update the databases.”

Simon added that some people have died with compatible symptoms, without being infected by the virus.


  1. Hola…

    If you know this – please accept my apologies.

    The way fatalities are reported has changed. Spain continues to release daily fatality numbers however it is the criteria for the number that is different. The figure released on any one day is the number of fatalities reported that day where the person died on that same day. If for example 30 deaths are reported but only one of the thirty is a person that died on the day of the report then the other 29 are not recorded for that day. The 29 are retrospectively added to previous daily figures.

    This means that you can have zero daily deaths reported pretty much every day but, if you look in the historical records you’ll see that Spain is currently, sadly, sustaining in excess of 50 deaths a day.

    For this reason, Worldometer are not noting daily reports.

    Very best regards,


    Location : Benahavis

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