THE Alhambra will reopen its doors on June 17, it has been announced.

Earlier today an announcement was made on Twitter stating that Granada’s iconic landmark will welcome guests once more in seven days time.

The tweet read: “Looking forward to seeing you. The Alhambra will open its doors to visitors on June 17. We are waiting for you!”

The Moorish palace has been closed to the public since March 13, a day before the state of alarm was declared.

Rocio Diaz, Director of the Board of Trustees of the Alhambra thanked the workers for their ‘important work’ carried out in recent months, performing ‘essential and face-to-face’ work at the monument.

This comes as the Board of Trustees announced that it will update its new ticket sales website so that workers within the tourism sector have their own set of tickets.

The new system launched on March 1 and sold 12,590 in its first eight hours, an average of 1,500 tickets per hour.

This change of system was brought in to make sure that more tickets are sold to tourists, rather than to travel agencies who would then either resell them at a very high profit, or would not sell them at all and they would go to waste.

The palace also ranked number 11 most popular European destination and attracts 2.7 million visitors every year, making it Spain’s most visited attraction.

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