FOUR people have been arrested in Malaga over a homophobic attack.

Police officers have detained four individuals between the ages of 21 and 23, as the alleged perpetrators of a hate crime against a 26-year-old, who was brutally assaulted and abused.

The events took place at around 3am last night in the Plaza Marques del Vado Maestre, when the culprits allegedly approached the victim when he was out walking with friends.

For no apparent reason they started verbally abusing him, calling him a ‘f****t’.

One of the individuals then proceeded to hit the victim from behind, with the other three then joining in punching and kicking him.

The Policia Local also reported that the man had been hit in the head with a heavy object.

There were several witnesses in the area who called the police, who then arrived swiftly on the scene and found the victim with blood on his face and an open wound on his forehead.

Once the ambulance arrived, the 26-year-old was transferred to the hospital, where he received six stitches and was also treated for a dislocated shoulder.

At the same time as the paramedics were dealing with the victim, police agents caught up with three of the perpetrators and found one of them to still have blood on his knuckles.

Witnesses at the scene also confirmed the identity of the attackers.

The final abuser was also arrested a short while later, when a witness who had tracked him after the attack, called the police and notified them of his location.

Hate crimes that are motivated because of a person’s sexual orientation carry a jail term of one to four years in prison.


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