A 71-YEAR-OLD woman has been discharged from a Malaga hospital, coronavirus free, after 89 days.

The survivor, only known by her first name Maria, was close to losing her life on a couple of occasions when she was in a critical condition in the ICU.

After nearly three months of being in Malaga’s General Hospital, the ‘trooper’ didn’t give up and she has finally been discharged.

The pensioner will now have to undergo a month of rehabilitation, highlighting how serious the consequences of the disease are.

The Head of the hospital’s infectious diseases service, José María Reguera could not hide his satisfaction and referred to Maria as ‘an endearing patient who was in a very serious condition.’

“The situation has been improving a lot in the past month and the number of patients has been progressively decreasing,” added Reguera.

This case marks another milestone for the healthcare professionals at the hospital, as now they don’t have a single patient who’s COVID-19 positive.

What seemed like an odyssey two or three months ago is now a reality, Malaga General Hospital is coronavirus free.

“Since the times of HIV, such a situation had not been experienced,” Reguera told El Mundo.

When he looks back, he remembers that the working hours were marked by ‘stress and worry’, so he looks with disbelief at the carefree attitude people have had since the state of alarm ended.

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