AS of this Wednesday, July 15, face masks are will be compulsory in all open and closed spaces in Andalucia.

Except for being in family units at the beach or pool, there are an additional five exemptions to the mandatory use of the mask in Andalucia:

1- Children under six years of age: Masks will be mandatory for persons aged six years and older. Minor children and babies will not be required to wear them.

2-Breathing illness or difficulty: The obligation to wear a mask will not be required for people who have any type of respiratory disease or difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of the mask.

3-Disability or dependence: Nor will it be compulsory for those people who, due to their disability or dependence, do not have the autonomy to remove their mask, or who present behavioural alterations that make its use unfeasible.

4-Running or doing sports: Activities in which, due to the very nature of these, the use of a mask is incompatible.

5-Force majeure: When there is a unique and justified circumstance for not wearing a mask or a situation of absolute necessity to remove it.

In cases 2 and 3, the individual must carry a medical justification that proves their situation is special.

The new regional ruling, approved yesterday, is an attempt by the Junta to ensure that the ‘economy and life’ in the region are ‘damaged as little as possible”

The fine for not complying with the new measure is set at €100.


Junta president, Juanma Moreno, said the mask will be obligatory ‘in all its intensity and in all its extension for the 8.5 million inhabitants of Andalucia in both open and closed spaces.’

He said: “We cannot return to stage zero, we cannot stop the economy, we cannot see the deaths by the thousands, we cannot go back to the stage of suffering, and unfortunately we do not have an effective treatment or vaccine, we only have one instrument: individual responsibility to protect ourselves and others.”

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