In today’s world, there are many offerings for a particular product and service. If you want to watch movies, you can subscribe to Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix and more. The same concept applies to music. There are a lot of options for those looking to listen to music, ranging from Amazon Prime music, YouTube music and apple music to Spotify, tidal and more. These are known as streaming audio services that allow users to listen to all their favorite music and top new songs at a monthly subscription fee. There are absolutely no download limits or listening limits to these streaming services. However, they are not free. Fortunately there is a solution to this obstacle, the Youtube MP3 converter or the also called MP3 downloader tools.

The problem

Users have been forced into getting subscription services without even realizing how much of a bill they rack on a monthly basis. A modern average household nowadays, usually has cable tv, internet and Netflix bills to pay on a monthly basis. With rising costs and stagnant income, adding other subscription services to the already burgeoning monthly bills can cause a dent in one’s wallet.

Imagine having to pay hundreds of dollars monthly just for entertainment services and knowing that now you have to pay more to avail audio streaming services. We understand that can be too much for an individual, however, there is no need to panic. There are other options that you can use to download music without paying for it.

The largest source of video entertainment on the internet is currently YouTube. All the new music videos, podcasts, documentaries and more are uploaded in thousands on a daily basis. Wouldn’t be wonderful that you could have access to these but in MP3 format, making it easier to listen to all your music, podcasts, audio shows, audiobooks and more on your devices.


You can now have all of that with YouTube converters. Be able to convert anything on YouTube to MP3 format and download immediately. Converters are a great option for those looking to get anything from YouTube in MP3 format. However, you need to be careful with converters and that is why we are here to guide you.

There are converters on the internet that need you to install a software on your desktop and then be able to download anything from YouTube. However, these can be a real hassle if your desktop does not have the adequate requirements to run the software. What if you want to convert YouTube videos on your phone, it’s not feasible for you to run a software just to download your favorite music.

There are online converters that do not require you to install any software or browser extensions. These are great. No worries, most of the online converters have one problem or the other. Some are very slow and often have bugs and errors because the site is quite old and not being actively managed. These can be a waste of time and energy.

Then we have online converters that have huge amounts of clutter on their website. Advertisements are found all over the site making it hard for users to avoid clicking on these ads, redirecting themselves to a new page that could possibly be full of malware. This can be tiresome and also risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are many converters on the internet that can help you convert videos from YouTube to MP3 format, however some of them have daily limits on it while others may have limits on the length of video you can convert. This can be avoided by buying a premium version of the converter. However, if you are here avoiding paying for streaming services, then surely you won’t pay for a premium package of a converter.

Solution: Go-mp3

The solution to all of this is simple and that is The YouTube converter is a simple 100% online YouTube to MP3 converter that converts all your YouTube videos into MP3 format before letting you download them. The entire process is smooth, easy and time saving as it uses high-end technology to convert your files on cloud. This also eliminates the need for installing any software. You simply enter the URL of the video you wish to download and press enter. The site will convert the video for you before automatically downloading it to your default downloads folder. It’s very effective and a great solution to downloading music from YouTube without paying for it. Try it now today, it doesn’t get any better than this.


  1. Thanks for sharing! that’s what I need.I have to record music from YouTube and u know any Spotify Music Converter too ? I heard that Tunelf Spotify Music Converter is good but could it directly remove Spotify DRM-Protection ?

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