TWO creative Spaniards who allegedly tried to smuggle cigarettes to Spain inside the tyres of their car have been arrested by Customs officers.

The pair caught the attention of law enforcers as they acted suspiciously driving along Flat Bastion Road at around 4pm.

Customs officers pulled the vehicle over on Line Wall Road and searched it.

They then took it to their Four Corners depot where the car was inspected more extensively.

It revealed that there were 14 cartons and four cigarettes in the front left tyre.

“The defendants then admitted that all four tyres were loaded with the same amount of cigarettes,” said HM Customs Gibraltar.

“In total, officers seized 57 cartons and 6 packets of cigarettes.”

Investigations continue to discover more about the potential crime.

The arrest comes as Spanish and Gibraltar law enforcement started greater cooperation than ever before in their history.

This is as a result of one of the four Memorandums of Understanding signed between Gibraltar, UK and Spain as part of the Brexit transition talks.

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