A BRITISH driver was arrested after attempting to smuggle €300 worth of drugs through the tourist hotspot of Marbella. 

The 46-year-old had 31 kilos of hashish stashed inside a box, hidden under a blanket in the trunk of his car. 

Once cut and sold, the drugs would have had an estimated street value of 300k. 

The driver was stopped by National Police on the Ojén Highway in the town of Marbella on Tuesday (September 22) at around 7.20pm. 

Officers asked the driver, who was in the vehicle alone, to provide his documentation and stop the car but the suspect ignored their order and fled the scene. 

Police managed to intercept the vehicle and during their inspection uncovered 30 packages, containing a total of 31.30 kilos of hashish and 5,910 euros in cash among his belongings.

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