MORE than 600 children have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the Balearic Islands since the school term began in September.

A total of 619 youngsters have contracted COVID-19 in the region, with 105 testing positive in the last week.

This number accounts for 0.4% of children in the Balearic Islands where approximately 155,000 are enrolled across 426 schools.

According to the Balearic government, almost all of those diagnosed have ‘very mild symptoms or are asymptomatic’ and only two have been hospitalised.

Reporting the latest figures, government spokesperson Pilar Costa said that an average of 20 children are being diagnosed with COVID-19 each day.

The outbreaks have also led to 30 groups of children being quarantined in 22 different schools.

Asking for calm, Costa said that all schools have been informed on ‘what protocols to follow to contain the spread of the virus once a positive result is confirmed’.

It comes as the number of minors who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Andalucia has risen by 211% in just one month.

According to the Junta, in the last month the number of children between the ages of zero and 14 who have tested positive for cornonavirus in Andalucia has increased from 2,216 to 6,909.

The spike in numbers has coincided with the start of the school term.

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