A transgender woman will testify next month in a hate crime case involving two Benidorm police agents.

In May, phone video footage went viral as it showed one of the Policia Local agents subjecting her to a tirade of obscenities.

Valencian president, Ximo Puig, at the time described it as ‘showing an intolerable level of transphobic behaviour’.

The victim was scheduled to testify at a Benidorm court on November 11, but had to back out because she was in quarantine in the Valencia area town of Betera.

The new court date has been arranged for December 16.

The agents claim that their actions were nothing to do with gender issues and that they were defending themselves from ‘provocative’ comments that she made to them.

They also claim that she is a prostitute that steals from clients and belongs to a criminal gang based around the British tourist area of Rincon de Loix in Benidorm.

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