A MAN has been brutally attacked by two burglars inside his home in Mallorca.

Investigators say the homeowner was woken up by the thieves as they broke into his house in Palma’s Nou Llevant district on August 24.

After asking them to get out of his property, the homeowner was grabbed by the neck by one of the assailants and beaten.

The other robber retrieved a taser from his pocket and shocked the resident several times.

The two suspects then proceeded to raid the house, stealing two mobile phones and a small quantity of cash.

Policia Nacional were able to identify one of the criminals through analysing CCTV footage.

His property was searched on September 23 with officers finding one of the stolen phones.

Developments in the case led to the remaining suspect being arrested on November 30.

Both have been charged with robbery with violence and intimidation.

It comes as a man, aged 30, was stabbed to death after breaking into a farm in Inca to allegedly steal marijuana.

According to initial reports by the Guardia Civil, the proprietor caught the the victim alongside two assailants on his grounds.

After confronting the group, a fight ensued with the owner grabbing a machete out of one of the trespasser’s hands.

One of the thieves was stabbed repeatedly, with another receiving minor injuries from attempting to protect his ‘friend’.

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