A 40-year-old Villarreal woman has become the first pregnant victim of COVID-19 in the Valencian Community.

She passed away at Castellon’s La Plana hospital yesterday(December 9) according to Valencia’s health ministry.

The woman, who was four months into her pregnancy, had ongoing respiratory issues.

She worked in a Villarreal supermarket and was married with a seven-year-old son.

The unnamed victim was admitted to La Plana hospital on Monday after presenting symptoms of the coronavirus.

Reports suggest that she had not felt well for a number of days.

She believed that some of her breathing problems as opposed to having the coronavirus.

A hospital PCR test confirmed that she had contracted COVID-19.

Valencian health minister, Ana Barcelo said: “This is another case of why we have to remain vigilant in sticking to all rules to stop the spread of COVID-19 that have been introduced by the health authority.”

Valencian president, Ximo Puig, said: “This news is extremely sad as we have to continue talking daily about people dying during the pandemic. I pass on my condolences to the family.”

“This pandemic is terrible which has affected thousands of people in Spain with many deaths and too much sadness,” he added.

The coronavirus death toll in the Valencian Community currently stands at over 2,500 with 37 deaths reported yesterday.

“This Christmas will not be like any other as there are people who are no longer with their families, “ commented Ximo Puig.

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