ORIHUELA and Orihuela Costa streets are being cleared of piles of rubbish seen dumped by fly tippers at the roadside.

A joint collaboration between the Environment team and the Department of Rural Development is being led by councillors Víctor Valverde and Dámaso Aparicio.

Orihuela Rubbish Clear Up
CLEAN-UP STARTS: Víctor Valverde and Dámaso Aparicio.

Throughout the entire municipality of Orihuela, the piles of various types of waste are both unsightly and dangerous.

Much rubbish was found dumped at the entrances to certain towns and villages, in a bid to avoid detection.

Valverde admitted they have, “a great environmental and visual impact in an environment as fabulous as ours.”

The mayor of Rural Development highlighted that people not only dump the likes of construction debris, but “appliances and household goods of all kinds, regardless of the damage that irresponsible attitude causes.”

Much of the detritus has now been transferred to an appropriate treatment plant.

Throughout the year, similar cleaning tasks will continue in all areas, with people being encouraged to report dumping via the appropriate channels.

The telephone number of the Department of Waste Solid and Road Cleaning 965 306 178.

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