120,000 extra doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine will arrive in the Valencian Community tomorrow(April 2).

That will allow inoculations to continue over Easter as well as possibly people aged 65 getting jabbed from as soon as next week.

Valencian President, Ximo Puig, said that the additional supplies will allow a two-pronged approach to vaccination in the region.

“The health ministry will hopefully finish next week the first phase of vaccines for people aged over 80 and then will start to vaccinate 79-year-old residents,” he said today.

He added that Pfizer will supply 125,000 doses per week along with up to 40,000 doses expected next week of the Moderna vaccine that will be used for people aged 66 and over.

Puig added that people aged 79 and 65 will start to get text messages from today with details of when they will be vaccinated.

The sequence will then go down by each year with 78 and 64 year-olds next in line for their first shot.

In contrast to other parts of Spain, and boosted by the extra supplies, jabs will be offered over the Easter holidays.

Health Minister, Ana Barcelo, said: “The vaccination team will work even on public holidays due to the arrival of the 120,000 dose consignment. An extraordinary effort is being made and as more vaccines arrive, then we quickly use them.”

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