POLICE presence in tourist hotspots across Mallorca will be stepped up this Easter weekend.

In a bid to prevent a surge in coronavirus infections, the Balearic government together with the Guardia Civil have launched a special operation to monitor areas popular with holidaymakers.

As well as a heavier presence on the streets and beaches, police will also keep an eye on hotels and properties registered for tourist stays to check that the rules are obeyed.

These include limiting social interactions to six people who live under the same roof and the mandatory use of face masks in open spaces.

The exception to this rule will however be at beaches where here, face masks can be taken off if two conditions are met.

The first is if you are with people from the same household and second, that a 1.5 metre distance can be kept from another person or group.

Any rule-breaker will face a fine of €100 and more serious offences will result in a considerably larger penalty.

Locals are also urged to contact the police if they come across large groups failing to follow the rules.

With thousands of international tourists, the majority from Germany and Switzerland, jetting into the island this weekend, the Balearic government had feared that there would be an increase in COVID-19 cases.

This week, President Francina Armengol asked for ‘responsibility from all’ with tourism minister Iago Negueruela stressing that the ‘rules are for everyone, no matter where they come from’.


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