A Spanish pharmaceutical firm will become only the second European company to make the ingredients for Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine.

Rovi will join Swiss firm Lonza in producing the ingredients at their Granada factory in Andalucia.

The company was founded in 1946 and opened a major production line in Granada in 2006

It manufactures 30 prescription medicines as well as specialist products used in hospìtals around the world.

Rovi will have capacity to supply the ingredients for up to 100 million Moderna doses per annum via a new production line.

The ingredients will be used in vaccines to be used in Europe, Canada, South Korea, and Japan.

In a statement, Rovi said: “This investment consists of the installation of a new line supporting production phases of the active substance of the Moderna vaccine.”

The company gave no details on how much money they had spent on the new production line.

Rovi did say that they expected to start distributing the vaccine ingredients sometime between July and September.

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