A 50-YEAR-OLD jogger has been left severely injured following a brutal attack by dogs in Villareal (Castellon).

Nestor Campos went out for his usual run through the Vora Riu area on Monday afternoon, when he passed a couple walking their large pet dogs without muzzles or leads.

The animals reportedly raced towards Nestor and pounced on him violently, knocking him to the ground.

They then began biting his legs, inflicting serious injuries to his calf muscles and leaving one totally destroyed, according to reports.

Nestor was also bitten on his left arm, thighs, and head.

Runner Savaged By Dogs Boerboel
A Boerboel like the one that attacked Nestor

Witnesses reveal that although the owners rushed to the victim’s aid, the dogs were acting with so much violence that they could not be separated at first.

Finally, the owners were able to grab their pets and pull them off while several passers-by helped Nestor and called the emergency services, while one man used his own shirt as a tourniquet to stop the heavy bleeding.  

A Local Police patrol and an ambulance crew appeared on the scene and rushed Nestor to La Plana Hospital, where he was still recovering from his ordeal at the time of reporting.

Runner Savaged By Dogs Tosa Inu
A Tosa Inu dog

The medical team is waiting for the injuries to heal before deciding whether surgery is required to reconstruct any of the affected areas.

Meanwhile, the police confirmed that the dogs – a Tosa Inu, still classed as a dangerous breed awaiting a legislation change by the Spanish authorities, and a Boerboel, a very heavy animal used for defensive purposes – were fully insured and chipped.


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