HERE is a date that all fashion fans need to pencil into their diaries.

June 3 to 12 will see the celebration of the Ruzafa Fashion Week in the Valencia neighbourhood of the same name.

Leading brands including SKFK, Thinking Mu, Duuo Shoes, Sita Murt, Kontatto, García Jeans, Nudie Jeans and Champions will strut their stuff at the Vicente Llorca Showroom at Calle Burriana, 30 from 10am – 11am on Sunday – to 9pm uninterruptedly over nine days.

Ruzafa Fashion Week 1

This year’s edition takes on special relevance due to a focus on sustainable fashion, with one event in particular timed to coincide with World Environment Day on June 5.

The evening before the occasion, at 7pm on Friday June 4, the general director and founder of men and women’s design label SFKF, Mikel Feijoo Elzo, will chair a conference on sustainability within the world of fashion.

SFKF, previously known as Skunkfunk, was launched over 20 years ago in the Basque Country (northern Spain) and nowadays operates in 34 countries.

Ruzafa Fashion Week 2

It is one of the leading lights of the ‘eco fashion’ wave currently sweeping the sector – an issue that leads Feijoo to travel all over the world to share the message.

At the root of his campaign is a desire to change the whole approach to how clothes and accessories are manufactured and consumed by the public, focussing on environmental responsibility to end the present over-consumption craze that leads to such ridiculous extremes as in 2019, when the fashion industry manufactured an estimated 100 billion items of clothing for a population of just seven billion.

The businessman himself describes the situation as ‘dramatic’, revealing that the sector now produces more carbon dioxide emissions ‘than all the flights and maritime transport in the world put together’.

In order to spread the word as much as possible, Mikel Feijoo’s conference will be streamed live via the Ruzafa Fashion Week Facebook and Instagram accounts, and a giant screen will be set up on the terrace at the event itself for visitors to watch.

Ruzafa Fashion Week 3

He will be accompanied by another two top spokespeople for the concept of sustainable fashion, namely Asun Oliver – an optometrist currently working on recycled and recyclable glasses – and Cristina Ordozgoiti, founder and chief organiser of the Ruzafa Fashion Week together with Vicente Llorca.

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