NIGHTLIFE and hospitality businesses are going to court to overturn restrictions imposed by the Valencian government.

A coalition of trade associations have filed an appeal with the Valencian Supreme Court(TSJVC) over rules that ‘continue to prevent nightlife business activity and impose limits on the hospitality sector’.

A joint statement from the three groups(Conhustur, Fotur, and the Denia-based Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of La Marina) argues against the closure of nightlife venues at 2.00 am and indoor capacity restrictions being maintained at 50%.

Along with the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Communty has the lowest COVID infection rate in Spain, coupled with minimal deaths and low hospital admissions.

The joint submission before the TSJVC is being backed by the ARA hospitality group and the Hosbec hoteliers association.

It states that the ‘Valencian government measures are doing great damage to the hospitality and nightlife sector and are disproportionate given the region’s current health situation’.

The appeal before the court calls for an ‘immediate suspension of the restrictions which have forced the closure of the nightlife sector for most of the last year and prevents banqueting halls and event venues from hosting functions at night, which is detrimental to their business’.

Previous attempts from hospitality-related groups this year to overturn or amend Valencian restrictions have not been supported by the TSJVC.

The only change they agreed to was back in March over the use of gaming machines inside bars and restaurants.


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