ORGANISERS of the open-air concerts at Valencia’s La Marina are under fire from local and regional authorities for failing to properly enforce anti-COVID safety measures.

Valencia Mayor Joan Ribo met with security chiefs from the local council and the Generalitat yesterday (Wednesday June 9) to analyse two shows by Gandia-based band Zoo at the Marina Sur last Sunday and one by Barcelona singer Rigoberta Bandini on Saturday.

Thousands of fans packed out all three concerts in what was meant as a trial run ready for the return of live music after the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the crowd were sitting down and wore facemasks most of the time, the assembled security experts yesterday noted several faults that will have to be amended by organising company Consorcio Valencia 2007 before the next events take place.

The main criticisms involve a certain laxity with regards to maintaining social distancing and use of facemasks.

Both local and autonomous administrations have requested that the Consorcio draws up detailed prevention and contingency plans before any further large public events take place.

Other suggestions include fitting information panels and using the loudspeaker system to remind attendants to obey the sanitary guidelines at all times.  

Valencia Port
Valencia port

The same measures will be applied to other public events in the city, such as the Gran Feria scheduled for July.

Mayor Ribo insisted that, despite the ongoing vaccination campaign and the improving infection figures, the threat of a new outbreak of COVID is still very real and large social events must be reintroduced gradually, observing all necessary precautions.

Meanwhile, Valencia Local Police have announced a major clampdown on the night of the summer solstice, June 23, with up to 400 officers blocking off 20 kilometres of coastline to prevent San Juan celebrations.

The yearly event is usually immensely popular, with large groups of revellers building bonfires on the sand and partying all night long.

Police last year were forced to kick hundreds of people off the beach and out of the sea due to COVID restrictions.

Local security chief Aaron Cano insisted that ‘there will be no San Juan again this year’, adding that the festivities will be reinstated again in 2022.


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