PARIS Hilton has opened up about life in Ibiza, revealing that she was a ‘vampire’ while she lived there.

The heiress and DJ spilled all on her podcast This is Paris, confessing that she lived on the Spanish island ‘for years’ between May and October. 

Speaking to fellow TV personality Chelsea Handler, the 40-year-old, said she worked from 2am until 10am and then slept all day on the party island. 

Paris described the White Isle as ‘incredible’ but admitted she would no longer be able to keep up with the party lifestyle. 

She said: “I used to live in Ibiza from May until October for years.

“I would get to the club around 2am to do the red carpet and meet and greets then I would DJ and my set would be from 4.30am to 6.30am and then I would change into a swimsuit and spray foam from 6.45 until 7.30 and then I would talk to people as I was leaving, covered in foam.” 

Paris, who is the great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton and is said to be worth over $300million herself after years of media appearances and selling products, including a successful perfume line, said the pandemic had prompted her to reconsider her wild ways. 

She said: “I would sleep all day. I was a vampire there. I couldn’t do it now. I think after relaxing for a year there is no f***ing way I could go back to that.” 

Paris Hilton heading to Palma for celebrity DJ set

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