NEW coronavirus cases have risen in the Valencian Community after staying reasonably static over the last few days.

Other pandemic indicators continue to be good in regard to death rates and hospital admissions

Today’s figures(June 18) from the regional health ministry show 269 new COVID-19 infections, with 168 of those in Valencia Province, as opposed to 68 in Alicante and 33 in Castellon.

The total is 62 more than yesterday and 87 up on the figure from a week ago(June 11).

No outbreaks of ten or more cases have been reported today.

Valencian health minister, Ana Barcelo, said that in spite of the case rise, the average in the region for the last two months is 39 infections per 100,000 ‘which is a good sign’.

No deaths from the coronavirus were announced today with the pandemic death toll remaining at 7,447, a rise of just two over the last seven days.

Hospitalisations today stand at 118, a rise of seven on yesterday and a week-to-week drop of three patients.

Intensive care unit figures have reached another low for this year, with just 18 patients, one fewer than yesterday, and a weekly fall of eight.


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