THIS summer will be long, hotter than usual and with at least 80 ‘tropical’ nights in the Valencia region.

Experts at the Climatology Laboratory of Alicante University are predicting record highs yet again, after last summer was already said to be the hottest in many years.

Measurements taken between the years 1950 and 2020 show that average temperatures have increased by 1.1ºC in that time, with summer now being 1.4ºC hotter.

Although at first glance the figures do not seem very drastic, analysts point out that they translate as an increase in hot days and a drop in cold ones, with the number of days classed as ‘very hot’ doubling over the last few decades.  

Temperature-wise, summer now lasts around 15 days more.

Summer pool

The Alicante scientists predict more than 80 ‘tropical’ nights, ie those where the thermometer remains above 21ºC, from now until October throughout the region.

In addition, some of these are expected to be ‘equatorial’, meaning temperatures no lower than 25ºC at night.

As well as making summer ‘longer and more uncomfortable’, in the experts’ own words, the record highs expected this year will also have an effect on sea temperatures, which increases the risk of torrential storms in the autumn.

Furthermore, the lengthening summer season means drier atmospheric conditions and a greater risk of forest fires even outside the high-risk period.

There is even a possibility that August could see episodes of torrential rainfall in the region, although the summer will be largely dry. 


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