A TEENAGER that was told to quarantine at their home in Mallorca after testing positive for coronavirus has been found by police at an illegal party.

The youngster and her mother had been directed to stay at their home in Selva after the pair were infected with COVID-19.

However, just one day into the quarantine, Policia Local received an anonymous tip that the girl was not at home and instead out galavanting with her friends.

This was swiftly confirmed by officers who after turning up at the family home, found that both the teenager and her mother’s car were missing.

Hours later, the girl was found by Guardia Civil at an illegal party held at a farm in Campos with some 42 other people.

After quickly shutting down the event, the girl was taken to Manacor hospital and all revellers that had been in contact with the teenager have been ordered to take a COVID-19 test.

Police say that the party’s organiser, who now faces an imminent fine, had charged €20 to each attendee.

As well as a makeshift DJ booth being set up on the property, police also found various narcotic substances including cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

It comes as the Balearic Islands have banned the sale of alcohol in shops after 10pm in a bid to crackdown on young people attending late night parties.

The new rule, which came into force this weekend, prohibits alcohol being sold after this hour in supermarkets, shops and petrol stations.

Tourism minister Iago Negueruela said the increasing number of COVID-19 cases had been linked to ‘super-spreader’ parties and that in this moment, young people were the age group most affected.


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