TWO men brandished a gun at a Lidl supermarket in San Javier this morning(July 15) to steal a full trolley of food items.

The duo then whizzed off in a car that was waiting at the parking lot exit,

The Guardia Civil described the incident as a possible ‘starvation theft’.

Authorities say there are increasing cases of such robberies due to people losing their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A big drop in income is therefore leading to desperate measures to put food on the table for some families.

This morning’s robbery began after the men snatched a gun from a Lidl security guard.

They used the weapon to intimidate staff, but nobody was injured and no money was taken from the cash registers.

The men simply filled up a shopping cart with food and then made a hasty retreat.

The Guardia Civil is now investigating the crime of ‘robbery with intimidation’.


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