POLICE in the region Murcia Spain were called out to a disturbance at the San Andres Health Centre in Murcia, on Tuesday, November 9 after receiving reports that a health worker had been assaulted by a member of the public.

According to police reports, a medical inspector was physically and verbally attacked after conducting a medical examination of a woman who had been called in for a review of her condition. Upon finishing the appraisal, the inspector informed the woman that in his opinion she was fit for work. On hearing the news, the patient and her partner who was accompanying her embarked on a series of physical and verbal attacks against the female doctor.

The noise of the fracas was heard by three other staff who entered the consulting room to intervene. However, the medical deputy inspector, a specialist doctor from the Public Health Service and a security guard, were all injured. After taking an account of the proceedings, officers from the National Police took the woman into custody.

The Association for the Inspection of Sanitary Services of the Region (AISSRM) expressed in a statement its “maximum rejection of this type of conduct.” He also showed his “solidarity and support” to the professionals who were victims of the attack.

According to information obtained from the Murcian Health Service (SMS), the group most affected by violence against health personnel are doctors from the Primary Care health centres, with 47.5% of reports concentrating on this area of ??care; followed by 22.4% of attacks on nurses and 14.8% on administrative staff. The most frequent forms of aggression are verbal threats, yelling and insults; while physical aggressions, although fortunately not too many, continue to exist as shown in this particular case.


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