A NEW year is finally here and whilst European travel is opening up again, many travellers are still cautious and want to find a safe balance. 

We are all ready for a wild weekend away with friends where we can let our hair down but for those who want to have a fun time and still maintain their own space, crowded party cities can be a challenge. 

The research team at SlotsUp have analysed ‘sin cities’ across the globe to reveal the best place to go for a wild weekend that isn’t too crowded, based on the amenities available in each city – including casinos, nightlife, outdoor activities and restaurants. 

Benidorm ranks top in Europe with the most amusement parks and nightclubs available, and with a population of just 67,000 people, Benidorm has been crowned the perfect place for a socially distanced getaway. 

Lisbon came in second place meanwhile Prague rounds out the top 3 on the ranking, boasting lots of impressive nightlife activities and a richer selection of restaurants for its size.

The study was able to highlight where you’re least likely to find yourself ‘fighting for a seat at the table’ – whether that be at the best restaurant in town or on the poker tables – thanks to analysing the number of amenities on offer against a city’s size and population.

To see the full data, please see here.


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