A 71-year-old man has been charged with 28 counts of criminal damage after slashing car tyres on the same street in Los Montesinos, Alicante Province.

Police believe that the final tally of destruction could be far higher.

The elderly vandal was caught after a new wave of incidents starting last December.

The attacks got so frequent that residents didn’t park in a 25 metre stretch to avoid any further tyre replacements.

The man always struck at tyres on the right-hand side of vehicles.

It’s not unknown what prompted the vandalism on the unnamed Los Montesinos road, which started to happen in 2019.

A series of complaints kept being filed to the police with residents pointing to one man as a prime suspect, but there was no evidence to back up their claims.

A recent fresh surge of tyre slashings prompted the Guardia to monitor the area and see what the suspect got up to.

They discovered the phantom attacker seemed to spend his afternoons visiting a relative on the same Montesinos street.

He was observed carrying out a bucket with a sharp object inside it, which he then used for his tyre attacks.

The case has now been handed over to the Torrevieja investigating court.


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