A man who paid a prostitute €30 ended up with a big fine after complaining about her to Albal’s Policia Local.

The disgruntled customer walked into the police station and alleged that the prostitute he met in the street had not fully fulfilled her end of the bargain.

The complainant did not know that Albal had recently passed a municipal ordnance that fines people for the ‘consumption of sexual services on public roads’.

His police visit ended up costing him €800 in the ‘first-such’ fine in the town under the new law.

Albal is regarded as something of a national trail-blazer for taking tough action against pimps and human traffickers.

19-year-old sex worker, Florina Gogos, was murdered in Albai last year resulting in the town clamping down further on outdoor prostitution and exploitation.

Fines against pimps and brothel owners have gone up.

All forms of prostitution advertising has been banned, even down to the production of business cards promoting a brothel location.


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