TWO teens have been arrested after a spate of bins were set ablaze in a town in Sevilla. 

Cops launched a probe in the wake of 45 rubbish containers being deliberately torched in Utrera. 

Multiple vehicles and nearby houses sustained damage after the bins were set on fire in a series of arson attacks across the town. 

Police said the thugs intensified their arson attacks over the weekends. 

On February 6 police responded to reports that another container had been set alight on a busy street in the town centre. 

Cops then spotted two suspects fleeing from the scene on a moped, carrying a gas canister and a lighter. 

Officers have now confirmed an 18-year-old man and a minor have been arrested and charged with 45 counts of wilful fire raising.

All the bins have suffered major fire damage and will need to be replaced. The damage caused by the suspects was estimated to cost €47,000, the local council said.


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