THREE burglars were caught in the act robbing an Alicante apartment after a neighbour called the police.

A quick response by two Policia Nacional patrols saw them arrive at the block shortly after the call.

They discovered two of the thieves crouched behind a bed in a darkened apartment room.

A third man ran from the living room to try to escape their clutches and went up the stairs to hide behind a sofa.

All three men, in their 20s, have been arrested and charged with robbery by force.

Their plans went wrong after a neighbour saw them banging on an apartment door which was on the same floor that she lived.

Officers arrived to see the front door had been forced.

Police arrest three thieves in a house in Alicante red-handed
FORCED DOOR(Policia Nacional image)

Police took away a suitcase opened up on a bed that was being filled up with stolen items.

A search of the men uncovered a large screwdriver used to force open the front door and around €300 in cash.


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