SPANISH producers have been forced to issue an apology after asking contestants to guess the street price of cocaine.

The off-colour question about the white substance was broadcast during an episode of the long-running quiz show Atrapame Se Podes. 

The popular show, which translates to Catch Me If You Can, sees participants play several rounds and answer topical questions for the chance to win up to €25,000.

Two contestants were asked whether they thought a gram of the class A drug costs €6 or €60.

They correctly guessed that it was €60 – but not before hesitating over the ‘highly’ bizarre question. 

The contestants were asked: ‘Cal e o prezo medio de 1 gramo de cocaina na rua?’ which translates from Galician to English as ‘What is the price of one gram of cocaine in the street?’

The host of the quiz show, Paco Lodeiro, cracked a joke that the scriptwriters had a ‘policeman friend’ who would know the answer, before confirming the contestants were correct.

However, the show’s producers Voz Audiovisual later drew the line and said the question should not have been asked. 

The state-run TVG channel issued a statement apologising for trivialising drug addiction.

They said:  “It wasn’t the intention of the programme to disparage the serious problem of drug addiction.”

The producers also added that the question was created using information from a health ministry report on drugs.


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