THE Sineu spring fair, celebrated in Mallorca since the 14th century, is to return after a two year absence.

The Sa Fira de Sineu is one of the cultural events of the year in Mallorca, and makes its eagerly anticipated return on May 1.

However, this year the fair has been beset by organisational problems.

First, in arranging its traditional showcase of farm animals as a result of the agriculture ministry restricting the transport of animals because of outbreaks of bluetongue affecting sheep and goats.

Secondly, the company that usually showcases its agricultural machinery has not yet confirmed it will take part this year.

Sineu Far
The fair takes place in the heart of Pla de Mallorca

Sineu’s mayor, Tomeu Mulet, says the town hall is in discussion with the company, saying that the town hall ‘is willing to make a contribution so that they do not incur losses because of the cost of diesel and transport.’

The Sineu fair normally takes place in the heart of Pla de Mallorca, which borders Costitx, Maria of the Salut and Llubi.

Sineu’s spring fair is one of the oldest on the island, along with the festivities of Sant Marcit  and the Saint Thomas’ Fair.

The fair is celebrated every year in honor of Sant Marc, the patron saint of the town with agricultural, livestock and handicraft exhibits celebrating the cultural clout of Mallorca.


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