AN Arctic blast of cold air is set to hit Spain on Thursday with forecasters warning about wintry showers and plunging temperatures for the Costa Blanca this weekend.

The forecast comes after the wettest March to strike the area since 1950.

The State Meteorological Agency(AEMET) says an anticyclone will bring in cold weather initially to northern Spain on April 1.

The unseasonal low temperatures will then spread across the country.

Winds will gust from the north-west making it feel much colder with the chilly change coming in on Friday evening.

Night-time lows currently in double-digits will fall to around four degrees on Friday and Saturday night on the Costa Blanca.

Daytime highs will range between 13 and 17 degrees with sunny intervals predicted but the wind-chill factor will make it feel much colder.

AEMET say that at this stage, the lower temperatures will continue until Wednesday of next week.


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