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Dabiz Muñoz: Three Michelin-starred chef reveals winning recipe for Spain’s famous Torrijas

Madrid Fusión In Spain 29 Mar 2022
March 29, 2022, Madrid, Spain: Chef Dabiz Muñoz, from the restaurant Diverxo (Madrid) speaks during the Madrid Fusión, a gastronomic summit that will take place at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid from this Monday until March 30th. For three days some of the best chefs in the world gather. (Credit Image: © Atilano Garcia/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire)

TORRIJAS are the quintessential Easter treat in Spain. 

For decades, this dessert has been a staple on the tables of Spanish households during Semana Santa.

Now, three michelin-starred chef Dabiz Muñoz has chosen to share through his Instagram his innovative recipe of this well-known treat.

We do not always have the possibility to recreate the recipe of a michelin-starred chef that, according to him, ‘will make you spend Easter like never before’

“The Dabiziantorrija of love’ is the one that’s going to screw up everyone’s diet,” he joked.

It consists of a soaked brioche, toasted in butter and dark chocolate, crowned with bittersweet raspberry, and oozing in honey and rum sauce.

Torrija Dabiz Munoz
“It will screw up everyone’s diet,” he said. Photo: Dabiz Muñoz’s Instagram

For the recipe you will need: 100 gr of milk, 200 gr of cream, 40 gr of sugar, brioche bread, a vanilla pod, two egg yolks, flower honey, raspberry vinaigrette, fresh raspberries, rum, butter and 75% chocolate.

To infuse the torrija, pour the milk, cream and sugar into a saucepan and bring to the boil over a medium heat.

Open the vanilla pod in two and scrape the essence from the inside. Add this into the pot mixture.

With the egg yolks whisked in a different bowl, we will slowly add the mixture once it has simmered to prevent it from curdling while whisking to emulsify. 

Torrija Dabiz Munoz 3
Slowly, add the mixture once it has simmered to prevent it from curdling. Photo: Dabiz Muñoz’s Instagram

“It should become a liquid but somewhat creamy egg and vanilla sauce. 

Now, we will cut only the edges of the brioche bread, keeping its large cube shape. 

When the mixture is lukewarm, we place the piece of bread inside and let it soak for about 10 minutes until we notice that the brioche is completely moistened.

“It is important that it is moist in the centre” advises the chef.

For the sauce that will be poured over the dessert, add two generous spoonfuls of honey in a frying pan until it caramelises over low heat.

Dabiz Munoz Torrijas 4
Two generous tablespoons of honey, raspberry vinagrette, a handful of raspberries and two tablespoons of rum. Photo: Dabiz Muñoz’s Instagram

When it is bubbling, add a good splash of raspberry vinaigrette, a handful of raspberries and two tablespoons of rum.

Break the raspberries into very small chunks and leave it to simmer. When they are completely broken up and only the seeds are visible in a creamy sauce, it’s ready.

Dabiz Munoz Torrijas 5
Break the raspberries and when the seeds are visible in a creamy sauce, it’s ready. Photo: Dabiz Muñoz’s Instagram

After 10 minutes, remove the brioche that was soaking and carefully place it on a rack for another ten minutes: five minutes on one side and five minutes on the other side so that the juices run down and the excess gets to the centre. 

Then add about three tablespoons of butter to a frying pan over medium-low heat and add the soaked but not dripping brioche piece. 

Dabiz Munoz Torrijas 3
The brioche must be brown on all six sides . Photo: Dabiz Muñoz’s Instagram

We must make sure that it browns very slowly and that it is evenly browned on all six sides.

“You have to have patience, care and love in this step,” writes the chef.

Time for chocolate: take a piece of chocolate and grate it over the whole piece of golden brioche. 

Dabiz Munoz Torrijas 2
Grate the chocolate over the whole piece of golden brioche. Photo: Dabiz Muñoz’s Instagram

With the frying pan still hot and still a little butter, we brown the torrija again in the frying pan so that the chocolate sticks to it.                            

When the chocolate has soaked into the torrija, place it on a plate and spread the jam evenly on top.

Now, it is ready to cut into slices, serve, and enjoy.


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