In recent years, the number of  English-speaking  people living in the Valencia Community continues to grow. It is clear therefore, that we need more  English-speaking doctors in Valencia and across the Valencia Community, complementary to private insurances and other classical medical services.

Even though there are several insurance options that offer more basic packages, the stress of making an appointment and seeing a doctor in Spanish is greater than when we find English speaking doctors and speak English throughout the while process, from over the phone , to getting the appointment, to the moment you leave the private clinic.

Foto Chrstian Boteanu

 Dsc0422 Mod In addition to IMED, the general hospital, which also offers services in English – although at a price – there is an obvious demand for English-speaking doctors in expat medical centers.

“Centro Medico Maria – Expat Clinic Valencia – was born from the idea of offering accessible medical services to as many English and French speaking expats as possible. We are living through the aftermath of the pandemic, when monitoring in depth our health must be a real priority, especially for those of us who are over 40 years old,” says Dr. Christian Boteanu, medical director of  Expat Clinic Valencia.

The most important thing, during this period, is to monitor your health in depth, if you have had a form of COVID, have been vaccinated or have had asymptomatic illness. Because many organs can be affected without knowing it, it is important at this time to monitor the body through consultations, blood tests or regular ultrasounds. It is good idea to take care early of yourself and prevent later problems.

Centro Medico Maria offers all these services, starting with general medicine, family medicine, medical laboratory tests or rapid tests, ultrasound, physiotherapy and other services in English.

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Razvan Nicolescu, an expert in online marketing, who promotes medical services for several medical clinics  in the Valencia Community, says that “The appearance of a clinic dedicated to expats in the community, with English-speaking doctors was a necessity, so Expat Clinic in Valencia – Centro Medico Maria appeared at the right time, to take over this whole area of patients who want to take care of their health  taking contact with English speaking staff,  especially now, when this special period, which requires additional monitoring of our body.

“We answer the phone in English, make appointments, and patients talk to the doctors in English. It is simpler and more efficient, and the rates are reasonable, to run alongside the insurance packages “ says Dr. Boteanu. Appointments are easily made at 641361833, 668564035 or at their website

The medical clinic is located near the Nuevo Center Mall, Turia Park.

“It is good to see the emergence of new services for the English speaking community, for Valencia, Benidorm, Javea and other areas of  Valencia Community. We needed a medical center dedicated to expats, especially English-speaking doctors.”

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