JUST weeks after he was arrested for a catalogue of alleged crimes including child sex abuse, extortion and fraud, the sex cult leader known as Tio Toni has been found dead in his prison cell.

Identified officially as Antonio GL, the 64-year-old was on remand facing charges of sexually abusing members of a cult he ran in Vistabella del Maestrat following his arrest on March 15.

He allegedly used hypnotism to brainwash dozens of people into handing over all their money and in some cases, their homes, over a period of 30 years.

Vistabella cult
Vistabella sex cult. Image from: Google Maps

He was accused of indoctrinating his victims into his ‘Vistabella cult’ with the belief that he could cure their ailments including cancer.

But once they had moved to live on his vast inland estate in the rural Maestrazgo region of Valencia, they effectively became his slaves.

He is also alleged to have carried out ‘ritual sex sessions’ sometimes involving underage girls, which he filmed.

Police ‘liberated’ 12 victims including two children when they raided the property.

But on Saturday, the self-styled Jesus, was found dead in his cell from supposed natural causes after experiencing an extended period of ill health.

Antonio, who walked with a frame and slept with an oxygen mask, had recently returned to his cell after spending a fortnight in hospital.

An investigation by the Olive Press last month detailed the widespread abuse carried out at the finca.


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