FIVE tons of hashish was intercepted by the Guardia Civil after officers stumbled upon a boat unloading the consignment at a Murcia cove.

Four traffickers were arrested following a chase around the beach and the subsequent interception of their boat.

A Guardia patrol on Sunday spotted a large craft with powerful engines mooring up at Puntas de Calnegre at around 6.00 am.

Puntas De Calnegre

They drove down and startled crew members who were unloading hashish bundles for two people who were going to load them onto a nearby truck.

As the Guardia officers called for backup, they moved in and the boat fled out to sea, leaving their delivery scattered on the beach.

The men picking up the stash ran off towards the cliffs but the officers chased them down on the beach.

The boat crew was arrested hours later.

Besides 135 packs of hashish, two trucks and a van were seized.


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