A con-trick known as ‘The Stain’ helped a man and woman wrestle away a €1,800 gold chain from an elderly couple in Benidorm.

A Policia Nacional patrol spotted four people together in suspicious circumstances on a city centre street.

They saw the male thief holding an old woman’s neck with his arm, preventing any kind of movement and resistance.

His female accomplice appeared to be wiping the woman’s neck with a handkerchief.

Their ruse was all about stopping people in the street and telling them a bird had fouled their backs- creating a large stain.

Once distracted and restrained, items like jewellery and watches were stolen.

The old non-Spanish couple told police they were out for a walk.

A man, 30, and woman, 50, approached them to point out a large grey and green stain on both of their backs and offered to clean it off with a handkerchief.

An ID check on the ‘helpful’ duo discovered they were wanted by various courts and the man had been imprisoned for ill-treatment.

The elderly female victim discovered that a gold chain had disappeared but officers located it on the ground.

The tricksters were taken to the police station and a search uncovered a bag on the female thief containing a liquid mixture meant to simulate bird droppings.

Police are trying to find out whether the thieves committed other similar crimes in Benidorm.


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