PODEMOS have submitted proposals to the Balearic parliament to give special protection to sites of ‘geological interest’ on the islands. 

The measures are being fronted by Pablo Jimenez, Deputy of the leftist group Esquerra de Menorca, who says current protective laws do not go far enough. 

Currently, a nationwide law protects areas of geological importance across Spain, but Podemos are pushing for a specific law for the Balearics to give them special protection.

Foradada Snip
The Sa Foradada is one of Spain’s most unqie geological sites.
Photo: Wikipedia.

“The cliffs on the islands show the history of the planet,” Jimenez says.

Some 169 sites are earmarked by the leftist party, including the Sa Foradada, a unique rocky enclave in Deya northwest of the island famed for its views in addition to the island of Dragonera.

The Menorca Channel is also proposed to be protected, owing to its volcanic field.

Podemos said: “These are sites that are millions of years old. If we don’t take care of them, they could be destroyed, especially in a region as popular as this area. We want the public to know their own land and the identity of the islands.”


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