SPANISH trade unions have confirmed the flights that will be affected by strikes in a press release on Friday, July 15 as Easyjet staff also commence industrial action.

As of this morning (July 15) there have been 26 cancellations and 46 flights delayed, according to trade union USO.

The Barcelona airport El Prat and the airport of Palma are the most affected so far with eight flights cancelled in each airport.

Madrid, Valencia, Santiago de Compostela and Ibiza have also confirmed two cancellations on Friday, July 15.

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Cancelled flights acording to USO trade Union. Image USO.

Easyjet flights have confirmed four cancellations – two flights on El Prat and the other two in Palma.

Barcelona airport is the most impacted airport so far, with eight delays in departures and six in arrivals. 

At Palma airport, there are delays in four departures and eight arrivals.

In total there are 31 flights affected on Ryanair flights and 15 on Easyjet.

Ryanair flights on July 15,18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 28 at the ten airports where the Irish airline operates (Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Malaga, Sevilla, Valencia, Alicante, Santiago de Compostela, Palma and Ibiza) will be suffer delays as a result of the strikes.

Easyjet cabin crew staff are planning to go on strike on July 15,16,17,29,30, and 31 at the three Spanish airports of Malaga, Barcelona and Palma.

Anyone flying on these dates with either airline is urged to keep up to date on any changes to flights and consult the UK foriegn office travel advice website.


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