A 33-year-old Danish tourist has been arrested at Palma de Mallorca airport after trying to run over a police officer.

The Guardia Civil detained him on Saturday- a day after the incident in Alcudia.

A passer-by alerted the Alcudia Policia Local that a man and woman were having an argument in the street.

An officer patrolling the area on a two-wheeled segway rushed to the scene.

A man on a moving motorcycle accelerated towards him with the intention of mowing him down.

The officer jumped off the segway to avoid being hit with the biker trying to hit him as he lay on the ground, before zooming off at full speed.

The Danish tourist was staying at a local hotel but the Guardia Civil discovered he had cleared out without even returning the keys.

They got their man on Saturday night at Palma airport and charged him with committing a violent attack against a police officer.


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