A former Alicante transport company driver stole a fuel discount card to defraud his ex-employer of €60,000 in just two months.

The man knew the firm’s shift patterns and made a copy of a key to his former truck.

He nipped in when the vehicle was not active and would grab the discount card for a few hours before returning it.

He built up a customer list under the false pretext of being a relative of a transport company owner who needed to use all the credits on the card or else he would lose them.

Clients used the card for cut-price refuelling at around €1 per litre in April and May.

They filled up cars and even cannisters before returning the card to the man who they paid in cash for what they bought.

The Policia Nacional spotted him arriving at the transport company’s car park and caught him accessing the lorry to get the all-important card.

He was arrested for fraud, along with four people who profited from his illegal enterprise.


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