POLICE swooped in on a gang of six people who targeted tourists in Marbella to steal their expensive watches.

Three men and three women have been arrested over the spate of thefts in Puerto Banus this summer that saw tourists robbed of their watches, often using violence.

Gang targeting tourists to steal high-end watches arrested in Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Image from Policia Nacional

One tourist had his €15,000 wristwatch snatched while he was drunk in a Puerto Banus club.

Another was on the way to his car after leaving a nightclub when he was approached by three people who ripped off his expensive watch before speeding away in a waiting car.

A third man was in the same area when he was approached by three women asking for his help. He too had his watch stolen which was valued at €22,000.

Officers from the Policia Nacional staged an operation to catch the gang members arresting six people in total.


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