THE National Court has approved the extradition of a Costa Blanca-based far-right British extremist on two counts of inciting racist attacks in the United Kingdom.

The decision is now subject to final approval by the Council of Ministers.

The man, 38, known as Christopher TK was based in l’Alfas del Pi.

He was arrested in June and is currently in Fontcalent prison.

Christopher TK, if convicted, faces up 15 years in jail, but the deal is that he would serve his time behind bars in Spain.

An international arrest warrant was issued in February by Westminster Magistrates Court.

He’s accused of creating an account on the Telegram messaging service in November 2020 which attracted 1,800 followers.

On it, according to UK police, he published ‘content predominantly aimed at fomenting hostility against non-white people and encouraging direct violent action against them, as part of an ideology of white supremacy’.

He’s also linked to a British extremist white nationalist group called ‘Patriotic Alternative’ and has been photographed making fascist salutes.

Police believe he was getting ready for a ‘war between races’.

Christopher TK produced a video where he encouraged the ‘English white to go to mosques and synagogues to threaten immigrants’.

His solicitor argued that since all the messages were sent from his l’Alfas del Pi home, he should be tried in Spain as he had sufficient roots in the country.

He added that there was not enough evidence for extradition.


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