A female carer broke the trust of a couple in their eighties after stealing around €100,000 of jewellery from their Valencia home since the end of 2021.

Her sister then helped her pawn off the items in specialist local shops.

The siblings, aged 33 and 36, have been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

The carer looked after a woman in her eighties suffering from Alzheimer’s.

She’d wait every time for the lady’s husband to leave the home before taking a few items from a closet.

The couple got wind of the thefts in July with the police discovering no evidence of any forced entry.

The carer became a prime suspect and knowing she was being investigated, she even put back some of the stolen jewellery to try to trick the husband into believing he was mistaken.

The police alerted precious metal dealers in Valencia to warn them about the woman and one of them confirmed she was a customer.

Searches of two homes recovered jewellery worth over €3,000 but a gold and diamond necklace valued at €35,000 had already been sold.


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