POLICE in Paterna discovered a woman with severe neck injuries hidden in a sofa bed after they were called to an apartment.

A neighbour saw the woman leaning out of a fifth-floor window shouting for help on Monday afternoon.

Policia Local officers were called and were greeted by a 26-year-old man who told them he was on his own.

Despite some initial reluctance, the man agreed to a property search with officers unable to find the woman.

They ordered him to open up his sofa bed which he refused to do, claiming that he did not know how to do it.

The bed was nevertheless opened up and a terrified and trembling woman was discovered inside.

She had neck injuries consistent with an attempted strangling along with bruises across her body.

She was taken to the Paterna health centre for treatment while the man was arrested.

It was revealed that he was the subject of six restraining orders from different women and had numerous arrests for domestic violence.


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