THE UK’s Labour Party has confirmed it will support Gibraltar in its self-determination as it looks to get a lasting EU deal.

Shadow Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Stephen Doughty spoke of his ‘unshakeable’ commitment to the Rock at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool on Monday.

The pledge followed a speech on Gibraltar’s current issues by Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia to hundreds of invited guests at the conference.

Garcia was headed up a Gibraltar stand at the annual reunion of the UK’s Opposition party this week.

At the conference he was able to meet with leading Labour MPs, shadow ministers, the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, and the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, Alfred Cannan.

Long-term friends of Gibraltar including former MEP for the Rock Clare Moody and Fabian Hamilton MP also dropped by the Gibraltar stand.

Dr Garcia talks to Labour party members at the Gibraltar stand

In his reception speech, Garcia reminded Labour members that it was their party that gave Gibraltar its two constitutions while in government, in 1969 and 2006 respectively.

The 2006 constitution included the promise of self-determination and the double lock guarantee.

Garcia stressed the importance of the EU treaty to keep the border flowing fluidly.

Doughty said in reply that the Labour party would support the Rock in the ongoing talks.

He noted the British Overseas Territory’s UK links and said he would work to preserve Gibraltar’s sovereignty, prosperity and self-determination.


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